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In all things of nature there is something marvellous that makes us live our life in a better way. Renewable energy is one such thing gifted to mankind by mother nature. Decades of scientific advancements now makes us competent enough to explore these renewable sources for accomplishing our energy demand in a most suitable way so that we can leave a better world for our upcoming generations.

Reducing the emissions admist growing energy demand is burning and big challenge that world faces today. Renewable energy seems to be the only way that can give most suitable way out. Renewable energy give zig-saw solution to the challenges related to growing energy demands.

TGR – The best solar system in Melbourne

We at TGR are among the best solar companies in Melbourne. This is because we offer the most innovative products, and reliable installation services in the area. We are a fully Australian-owned company and operate from Point Cook in Victoria. This entire region is a critical part of our business and we work regularly all across the city performing installations. So, if you want to install a solar system in your home or office, please get in touch with us.

A reputable and trusted solar organisation

We are one of the most reputable solar companies in Melbourne. This is clear from the number of accreditations we have won over the years for our services in this industry. We work all across the city. We also have the approval of the Clean Energy Council to work as a solar retailer. This is one more reason to trust us. We offer you only the best brands of solar products. We are proud of the quality that we can offer to you through our work.

One of the top solar panel suppliers in the region

We are among the leading suppliers of solar panels in the region.

One of the biggest reasons for that is the fact that we offer the best solar panel prices in the region. We also can offer you the best quality because we have access to some of the finest solar-powered products in the Australian market. All our products are of the highest standard.

The manufacturers we source our products are reliable and financially stable too. Therefore, we can offer the guarantees on the workmanship of our products that we do. So, you too can rest assured that all our products feature the best construction standards and built-in protection facilities.

How can our employees help you?

All our team members have the highest level of skills and experience they need to work in this industry. They have also received the highest rankings from our satisfied clients for the quality of services they have provided to them. It also helps that they are polite with the clients, which pleases them even further. Our sales team has all the technical qualifications and the highest level of competence too. People trust us to provide them with the best solar system in Melbourne.

Great installation services

Apart from installing the best solar system in your home and office, you can also trust us to offer you the best maintenance services too. We are immensely proud of our standing as one of the leading solar companies in the region.

How do we help you choose the best systems?

You can always trust our sales staff to provide you the most invaluable advice on solar power systems prices and help you save money on these products. They are working people too, dedicated to empowering other working companies, individuals, and families.

What factors influence the prices of solar panel products?

There are several factors that solar companies, like us, consider so we can determine the prices we charge on our products. The first among this is the expense that we incur on the wholesale equipment. Over the last 10 years, the prices of solar products have fallen. One of the major reasons for that is how successful the manufacturers of solar inverters and panels have been in reducing the costs of making these products. As well as the growing demand for them.

Are solar rebates helpful?

The Federal Government of Australia are running the STC (small-scale technology certificates) program each year till, 2030 when it would phase it out fully. This puts some upward pressure on the prices of these products. However, in recent years these products have become more economical, and that has overshadowed the program’s effects. Some states like Victoria have also done some great work in this context with solar rebates.

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Residential solar panels are truly renewable energy source because sunlight will be available for at least 5 billion years as per scientist.


Commercial solar panels are sources of clean and renewable energy that requires very little maintenance and has no carbon emission which has become a global concern.

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