In most parts of Australia, 30kW solar power systems are becoming a more worthwhile and appealing investment for small to medium companies, with payback periods in the 3-5 year range. This article gives an overview of the price ranges, energy outputs (in kWh), and financial returns that a typical 30kW solar PV system may deliver to a business.

How many 30kW solar panels would you require?

30 kW Solar System

A 30kW solar system is a commercial solar system with a 30,000-watt output generated by installing 90 solar panels and related components, depending on weather conditions that allow full use of the sun's energy.

The average output of a solar panel is less than 330W across brands, and we can ensure excellent efficiency and output orientation with our tier 1 installations.

Where may a 30kW solar panel system be used?

Large businesses with high electricity demand in their commercial premises like the 30kW solar panel system because it is on the larger end of the size spectrum.

TGR Solar's promise of quality workmanship and production is reflected in these 30kW solar panels, which come with adequately sized inverters and name brand inverters for maximum efficiency.

Commercial solar systems can be used to power offices, warehouses, and other commercial endeavors.

A 30kW solar system may produce between 110 and 180 units per day.

Now, don't forget that energy generation varies depending on geographic location, weather conditions, and solar panel orientation.

What is the expected output of the 30kW solar system?

What are the advantages of solar panels rated at 30 kW?

The 30kW solar panels are certified and CEC approved to help you minimize your commercial carbon footprint while also lowering your electricity expenses.

These are grid-connected, however, they mostly rely on solar energy. All of your commercial needs will be satisfied because energy audits will be completed before suggesting a commercial solar solution. TGR Solar handles everything for the 30kW off-grid solar system as well as the 30kW hybrid inverter.

As one of Australia's well-established firms, you have the potential to make a difference, make your country energy independent, and contribute positively to the fight against climate change. The flame of hope for the entire human race is carried by capable businesses like yours.

What is the price of a 30kW solar system?

Due to falling technological costs and the STC government incentive scheme for systems under 100kW in output capacity, the cost of small-scale commercial solar systems has dropped considerably in Australia in recent years.

TGR's Commercial Solar PV Price Index has been providing average solar PV system costs for solar systems ranging from 10kW to 100kW since May 2014. As of November 2021, a fully installed 30kW system will cost around $30,030. The government incentive (STCs) and GST are included in these calculations.

What is the energy output of a 30kW solar system?

The actual power output of a 30kW solar power system will vary depending on several factors. These elements include:

  • The system's geographic location, as well as the projected daily and annual solar irradiance and cloud cover levels.
  • Solar panel array orientation and tilt angle.
  • Whether the panels have any shade cast on them.
  • The panels' actual working temperature.

Is a 30kW solar system the perfect size for your company?

Three elements go into determining the correct size solar system for your business:

  • Roof space required: A 30kW system will require at least 150-200m2 of roof space, although more may be required depending on the wattage of the panels and whether tilt frames are required.
  • Your energy usage patterns: Solar feed-in credits are not given out in many parts of Australia for energy transmitted into the grid by solar systems with capacities more than 10kW; this implies that any solar energy produced by your system that you cannot consume directly is of no financial advantage to you. TGR's engineers can examine your solar demands independently and build a business case for you at no cost to you.
  • Your budget: If you have the roof space to install the largest solar system recommended, the next question is whether you have the financial means to do so.

What are the average Return On Investment (ROI) and payback duration for a 30kW solar system?

Payback duration for adequately sized commercial-scale solar systems in Australia is roughly 2 years on average, according to our data from nearly 300 business cases compiled in 2021. This takes into account both the government's STC rebate and the present tax incentives for solar system depreciation.