The majority of Australian families and businesses now prefer solar panels to other power generation options on the market. That being said, Australia has the highest percentage of solar PV installations across the world - almost 30% of Australian residential homes have solar panels installed on their roofs. As of 2022, more than 3 million Aussies installed solar power systems in their homes. Since the country receives abundant sunlight, it is now time that we make the most out of this natural and renewable source of energy. With various benefits like being cost-effective, clean, and green, most individuals are choosing this option nowadays. TGR Solar believes in not only selling you a solar panel but also in assisting you in determining which type is ideal for your needs. Our expert consultants will estimate your energy requirements and help you select the perfect solar power system for your home or business. Think and Grow partners with only the leading solar panel manufacturers in Australia so as to install only durable and high-quality systems at your residential homes or business enterprises. The 6.6 kW Solar Panels are ideal for small or average homes because it meets all of the power generation needs.

Of course, expecting everyone to understand their energy measurements and find the ideal wattage generation that meets their needs is unrealistic. As a result, we've split down the data so you may have a better understanding of your individual 6.6 KW solar panel setup. The blog will give you a fair idea about the 6.6kW solar panel system and the information that you will need before its installation.

How many solar panels do you require for your home or business?

6.6 KW Solar Panel System

Most people consider the number of appliances for which a solar power system is designed to generate electricity, but they overlook the dynamics of the number of people who use these items, which becomes the frequency of utilization. Assume your office has only two large fans and one large light. If two employees used this setup, they would need far fewer people than four. This is where the energy measurements begin to shift.

According to our energy specialists, a medium-sized home or business with only 3 to 4 employees and basic appliances would require a 6.6 KW Solar Panel System at the very least.

If you choose a general solar panel, you'll need roughly 20 of them to meet your 6.6 KW demand, as a single general solar panel provides around 330 watts of power on average.

It can be difficult to determine how many panels you will need; however, if you conduct an energy audit straight away to get an estimate of how much electricity you consume daily, you will be able to calculate the number of panels required to generate the requisite level of output.

To produce a fully functional solar system, a solar panel is combined with solar inverters. It's best to enlist the help of a team of specialists and have them assess your energy needs before making a final decision or investing.

Factors that influence your solar panel choice

1. Electricity consumption

The first thing that you need to estimate is how much electricity you need to survive in a year. This calculation will include all the electrical appliances that require electricity to run, including air conditioners, lights, water heaters, or air purifiers. This calculation is generally measured in kWh (kilowatt-hours).In addition, you do not need to worry about the 6.6 kW solar system price as they are quite affordable and cost-effective.

6.6kw Solar Panel System

2. The wattage of the solar panels

You need to estimate the amount of wattage that you require your solar power system to produce. Although they might all look similar, they are not produced equally. The watts of most solar panels range somewhere between 250 to 400.

3. Electricity produced by the panels

It is nearly impossible for a solar power system to draw the same amount of energy every day. There will be seasons when you will experience rain or snowfall in your residential area. Although a solar power system still produces electricity during those times, it is quite less than the amount produced during a bright sunny day. Thus, it is recommended to get at least 25% more panels than actually needed.

4. Amount of sunlight received

The amount of power generated by the panels and the number of panels that you will need are directly related to the amount of sunlight that your location receives. Although, you do not have to worry about this factor as Australia receives abundant sunlight in a year.

In Melbourne, a 6.6 KW Solar Power System can generate 6.6 kilowatts of energy. This is only true if optimum circumstances for electricity production prevail. The weather can be rainy and foggy at times, or trees can shade your panels. Because solar panel systems are designed to harness the sun's energy and convert it to electricity, your 6.6 KW solar panel system will likely produce less than 6600 watts of power when conditions aren't ideal.

This is where TGR Solar's specialists come into play. We can help you identify the ideal location for your solar panel and install it there. We make certain that the solar panel system we install for you in Australia provides you with enough electricity. And provides you access to all of your appliances at all times.

How much power can a 6.6 kW solar panel system produce?

What are the advantages of installing 6.6kW solar panels?

Using a 6.6kw solar system has several advantages. Because the 6.6kW Solar Power System is conventional, you will see significant savings on your electricity bills.

You may not use power at all, in which case your electricity bill will be sent biannually rather than daily.

With a larger solar system, you'll also get a better deal from your point of sale.

You'll be eligible for a government reimbursement as well, and you'll be helping the environment tremendously. Switching from a 5kW to a 6.6 kW solar system does not require a larger inverter, saving thousands in installation costs!

How much roof would the 6.6 kW solar panel system require?

There are numerous aspects to consider while installing your 6.6 KW Solar Panel System. Apart from finding the ideal position with plenty of sunlight, it's also vital to verify the physical dimensions of the solar panels and determine the optimum location in your home for them. Solar panels are typically 1756103930mm (69.0740.971.18 inch) in size.

If you want to power your home with a solar system that produces at least 6.6kW of electricity, you'll need at least 20 panels, which will take up 32 square meters of roof area.

That's not all, though. TGR Solar specialists generally recommend that you select at least two such spaces within your house or workplace, so that our experts may come in and assess which is the best. Furthermore, to set up the Solar power inverter and complete your Solar system, you must also split off another space adjacent.

What are the Benefits of 6.6 kw Solar Panel System Installation?

There are numerous advantages to installing a 6.6 kw Solar Panel System. Here are a few of the most significant advantages. Take a look at this:

  • The solar panel 6.6 kW Solar Electricity System is a basic system that allows you to save a lot of money on your power bills.
  • You may significantly minimize your reliance on the grid for energy.
  • This choice is ideal for small or medium-sized houses, as well as single-spacing offices, smaller cafes, or even retail establishments, due to its size.
  • A larger solar system would also result in a higher discount from your point of sale.
  • You'll be eligible for a government reimbursement as well, and you'll be helping the environment tremendously.
  • Those who are currently solar energy users will benefit from a 6.6kW solar system because upgrading from a 5kW solar system to a 6.6kW solar system does not require a larger inverter and can save thousands in installation costs!

Why should you select us?

TGR Solar is committed to providing you with the best solutions available so that your one-time investment will pay off for the rest of your life. Our technicians use cutting-edge technology to make the installation process a breeze for you. We recognize that various homes and offices have different needs. This is why we provide you with a variety of choices.

We also don't assume that individuals are familiar with energy measures and power demand dynamics. As a result, all we ask of you is that you contact us and inform us of your requirements. Our team then takes over and guarantees that you receive end-to-end care by providing 360-degree service.

So, if you're seeking the ideal 6.6 KW Solar Panel System for your home or workplace, contact us and we'll provide you with all the information you require!

Cost of 6.6kW solar systems

There are so many factors that will influence the price of your 6.6kW solar panels that will be installed on your roofs - the choice of your brand, the manufacturer, and the number of panels that will be required in your residential homes or businesses.

6.6kw Solar Panel System

However, we have come up with estimated data that will mention the approximate cost of installing a 6.6kW solar panel system in Australian state capitals.

SA, Adelaide$5000
QLD, Brisbane$6,080
ACT, Canberra$5,820
NT, Darwin$10,170
TAS, Hobart$7,560
VIC, Melbourne$5,210
NSW, Sydney$5,470
WA, Perth$5,920

Please note that these numbers are just an estimated budget to give you an idea of how much you need to invest in a solar power system. These numbers can vary from one panel to another depending on the brand and its quality.

Output Per Day In A 6.6kW Solar Panel System

A 6.6kW solar system is the best way to generate your endless supply of electricity using solar energy. 6.6kW solar panels produce enough power to make your power bill come to zero.

Big Australian houses need at least 24-kilowatt hours of electricity every day and a 6.6kW solar panel system can easily achieve that target.

The following are the factors that influence the total power production from a solar system:

  • Peak sunlight hour
  • Amount of shade
  • Temperature
  • Position of the panel

An average Australian house receives five hours of sunlight each day. This means with north-facing panels, a 6.6kW solar system will generate an average of 20kWh to 27kWh of power every day in a year.

In this way, your payback period will get complete in less than 4 years. With the added bonus of a government rebate, this system is the most cost-effective for the Australian lifestyle.

A 6.6kW Solar Power System With Battery Backup

A standard solar power system can only produce electricity during daylight. When you add battery backup to your system, it means you can store excess power for use during the night. You can thus avoid paying peak rates by simply using the stored electricity. Also, if you experience frequent power outages, battery backup keeps you powered up.

Products of battery backup

LG lithium ion batteries and Tesla offer exceptionally efficient performance for a 6.6kW solar PV system.

The following advantages make lithium ion batteries superior to other battery types:

  • More safety
  • Quick recharge
  • More storage capacity
  • Efficient performance during extreme temperatures.

Cost of battery backup in a 6.6kW system

Compared to older lead-acid batteries, Tesla and LG Lithium batteries require a higher initial investment, but the benefits quickly pay for themselves.