Calculate Solar Savings

Calculate Solar Savings

Make sure you've done your research before signing any contract with a contractor. It's important to select a system size that exactly matches your energy needs.

You can use the solar calculator we've created to determine the size of the system that best meets your energy needs. Please enter your information below, and we will assist you in calculating the Solar Savings you would experience over the course of 25 years if you switch to solar power.

Household Type

Gives an idea of the proportion of solar energy produced that you use. This guarantees a solar computation that is much more precise. Make sure any generational statistics are accurate for your area.

Your Average Bill*

The average bill represents your cost per kWh of power.

Price Per kWh

Choose the average cost per kilowatt-hour that you pay for your electricity. Depending on your distributor and electrical provider, it can be different. To figure out how much you can save by choosing solar, write down an average price.

Your Usage Pattern

Choose a time when you consume the most electricity.

System Size You Are Planning To Install

Please let us know the system size you believe is ideal for your property. We will estimate how much you can save over the course of 25 years, both annually and overall.

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