Commercial solar power solutions

Commercial & Industrial Solar Power Solutions

Electricity is a vital necessity for a variety of commercial and industrial applications. Each of these applications demands electric power that is compatible with the system and is available on-demand at a reasonable cost. One popular way of providing electricity is to use the energy drawn from solar power to setup commercial power plants.

Commercial solar panels are sources of clean and renewable energy that require very little maintenance and have no carbon emission which has become a global concern.

Working of Commercial Solar System

The illustration given below represents how a solar power system works

Advantages of Commercial Solar System

Commercial solar power is one of the simplest ways to reduce electricity costs without impacting your day-to-day operations. As organisations from almost every industry are adopting commercial solar, it is one of the fastest growing energy efficiency initiatives across the country. Solar can provide a reduction of up to 60% on electricity costs while providing additional sustainability benefits to your organisation.


A true form of renewable power source.


The power generated in the day is enough for use in the night as well.


Panels are durable with almost negligible or little maintenance costs.


Once installed, panels can start producing electricity from day one resulting in savings immediately.


A suitable answer for cooling modern cities and solving the problem of urban heat islands.

Cost of Commercial Solar System

The cost of a commercial solar system depends on:

  • Load requirement to run the various machinery and equipment in the commercial establishment
  • Type of power required; single-phase, three-phase, AC or DC
  • Type of number of batteries required
  • Inverter capacity
  • Interconnected Solar Power Plant with mains – through adequate cable switches fuses protection devices and earthing cables
  • Type of solar power plants: on-grid i.e. supply power directly from the plant during day time,
    off-grid i.e. useful when grid supply is erratic or no grid supply at all, Hybrid i.e. combination of off-grid and on-grid

Installing a Commercial Solar Power System in a business establishment works along with the conventional power grid supply. The electricity generated by the Commercial Solar Power System reduces the power used directly from the power grid. This is seen in the decreased electricity charges in the bills from day one of operation.

When the Commercial Solar Power System is producing electricity, then the business uses this power for its daily requirements and also stores it in batteries. Any shortfall in the supply of power is seamlessly provided by the grid. At the same time, any excess power generated is sent out to the grid. A “Bi-Directional” electricity meter is installed along with solar system to keep a record of the exchange of power and the subsequent billing offset is calculated.

The amount of electricity that a Solar Power System can offset is directly proportional to the size of the system installed and the amount of electricity consumed in daylight hours. Every unit of electricity that the system produces on-site directly reduces the need to purchase electricity from utility or grid suppliers.

Solar Lease

A solar lease allows you to install a commercial solar system on your premises with a fixed monthly payment plan to eliminate the upfront capital investment required. By spreading the cost of the installation out over an agreed payment term (generally between 5 to 10 years), your business can have the advantages of solar power from day one without affecting your capital budgets. Our leases are backed by one of Australia’s largest financial institutions to give you confidence in our solutions.

A solar lease enables your business to divert some of your electricity expenses to pay off a revenue generating asset. This is often achieved with a monthly cash-flow positive outcome for your business.

Key Benefits of a Solar Lease

Low Upfront Capital Investment

With little or no upfront costs, a solar lease will spread the cost of the system over the lifetime of the payment plan – helping to assist with potentially positive cash flow. Often, the lease costs on the system are less than the financial savings that the system generates, resulting in a cash flow positive investment potentially from day one. As energy prices increase, so do the financial benefits that the systems generates.

Reduced Dependence on Grid Electricity

As capital is no required, you are able to reduce your organisations dependence on grid electricity with a solar lease. This will help to prevent rising costs in the future and provide your business with the foundation for storage at a later date. There is no additional cost for the energy generated outside of the monthly repayment so this provides easy budgeting and forecasting.

Opex Savings and Tax Benefits

A solar lease can provide the best tax benefits of all available finance solutions for solar. Your organisation may be eligible to claim up to 100% of the annual repayments against your tax. This can further improve your annual cash flows and provide an improved

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