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Monitoring your Solar System

Monitoring your Solar System becomes a breeze with purpose-built Energy Monitoring Platforms such as Solar-Log and Efergy.

These monitoring devices give you an excellent range of performance and analysis tools to track a variety of parameters in real time.

How much electricity does your solar array product right now, all day and all year?

How much power is your business consuming?

Is any electricity being exported to the grid?

If you have a hybrid system with integrated battery storage, is the battery charging? Is it fully charged? Is it powering your business right now?

How does all this look in financial terms, and in carbon emissions?

Minimized system downtime

Monitoring platforms minimize system downtime by alerting you to any problems, ensuring that you can troubleshoot the issue or get help where needed.

Many of our solar inverters already come with integrated monitoring platforms that are easy to use and offer a bunch of great features.

Yet for for commercial projects our go-to Monitoring Platform is Solar-Log, which was developed in Germany and has been tried and tested in large-scale solar systems around the world.

Our Asset Management Package includes monitoring with Solar-Log.

Efergy is mainly used for households and small commercial projects, yet offers some additional features such as home automation and wireless household energy monitoring.