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The GEM Energy Approach

GEM Energy’s ‘Three-Way Approach’ is our method of analyzing the needs of our customers, and developing and implementing a strategy around those needs.

We have seen the hard evidence that this approach works, saving our customers money now and in the future.

Our Three-Way Approach consists of three stages:

  • 1. Analyze, Assess, and Understand.
  • 2. A Cost-Saving Approach.
  • 3. Implementation

1. Analyze, Assess, and Understand.

Key Focus of Stage 1:

Establish the power consumption profile of your business

  • What hours does the business operate?
  • Is there a need for hot water at the property? If so, is it Gas or Electric?
  • Are there a lot of lights used at the property?
  • Is there an adequate amount of roof space for the required system?
  • And most importantly, can we obtain a load profile or interval data?

Once we understand when and how electricity is being used, we can move on to Stage 2.

2. A Cost-Saving Approach

Key Focus of Stage 2: Can we reduce the amount of power being used at the property?

By reducing the amount of power being used, we can immediately reduce your power bill and thus reduce the size (and cost) of the solar system required. GEM Energy offers a wide range of structured cost-saving methods. Our most popular solutions include LED Lighting Upgrades, Timer Switches, and Solar or Heat Pump Hot Water Systems.

LED Lighting

We recommend a switch to LED’s to almost every business before considering an investment in solar. LED’s can save up to 80% on power usage compared to standard lighting.

They offer improved reliability, longer life spans, and produce much less heat than standard halogen or fluoro lights, therefore delivering immediate power savings because air conditioning units work less hard.

The most common lights we replace for businesses are 4ft Philips fluoro tube lights that use 36 watts of electricity per hour, with brighter LED 4ft tubes that only use 18 watts per hour.

This immediately halves the cost of the lighting for all tube lights.

And better still, it effectively reduces the demand charge as lights have fixed power consumption, which means that every watt saved on lighting reduces the demand charge by that many watts.

As demand charges can exceed $33 per kWh, this can lead to LED’s having a surprisingly fast payback period (sometimes less than six months).

Timer Switches

The installation of these units allows you to control when power is going to certain circuits. Using timer switches on some circuits can be a cheap and easy way to achieve significant savings.

A great example here would be rooms or areas that only require light or power for one or two hours per day, such as lunch rooms. Timers are also very effective for stopping hot water systems from cycling at night time when nobody is using them.

Solar Hot Water Systems and Heat Pumps

This solution is usually only viable for businesses that use a lot of hot water such as hotels, motels, and restaurants. Once you reach a certain amount of hot water usage, solar and heat pump hot water systems pay for themselves very quickly.

Power Quality Management and Voltage Optimization

Astonishing amounts of power are wasted through inefficiencies. GEM Energy can optimize site voltage and power quality to supply your operation with strong, uniform electricity.

Not only will you save on your power bills, your electrical equipment will last longer and run more efficiently.

Once we have found the most suitable ways to reduce your site’s electricity usage, we can move on to Stage 3.

3. Implementation

Key Focus of Stage 3: Tackle the issues in the most cost-effective way possible.

By the time we reach Stage Three, we have a perfect understanding of the usage patterns of your business and can develop a custom Energy Blueprint for your business. We have effectively completed the first two steps of GEM Energy’s Turnkey Project Package.

Many of our competitors go straight to the solar option and install a system to cover your problems. At GEM Energy we believe that the first step into solar for any business should involve measures to reduce electricity consumption at the site.

A 20% reduction of the amount of fixed power being used at the property leads to a capital saving of 20%. That capital saving can be used to fund the other cost-saving solutions. This may still end up being a similar amount to what was originally budgeted or what our competitors are quoting.

However, GEM Energy’s Three-Way Approach is much more in-depth and offers practical solutions to the problems, rather than just covering them up.

While this may lead our customers into smaller investments into solar, it provides better long-term results. And due to our extensive range of services GEM Energy builds real-world, trusting relationships with repeat clients.

As part of our service, we also provide an Asset Management Package which includes on-going support once the solar system has been fully commissioned. This involves the installation of extensive monitoring equipment to give us direct access to the power usage and solar system performance at all times.

We at GEM Energy are dedicated to support our clients all the way from the initial consultation to the finished project and beyond.