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Purchase Growatt Inverters for an Uninterrupted Solar Energy Solution

Are you planning to buy an inverter? You need to purchase it from a brand that is reputed, has a strong supply all over Australia, and most importantly is used by most of the people of this country.

Growatt is the brand you can trust for superior inverters. The brand has established itself as one of the major inverter suppliers not only in Australia but all over the world. Over 1.3 million Growatt inverters have been shipped in almost 100 countries for now. In Australia, the brand has been leading the market of inverters for the last 9 years successfully. 

Think & Grow Renewable is the proud dealer and supplier of Growatt products for quite a long time now. From the customer reviews we get every day, it is evident from there that this brand has worked magically to provide sustainable solar energy to every home.

Quick Take on Growatt Inverters

Growatt has made a comprehensive range of inverters available for those who are thinking of renewing their energy supply to solar power. They have inverters from 1KW to 2.52 MW along with energy storage solutions. The inverters are adaptable for both on and off-grid applications as well as home energy solutions. 

Why Choose Growatt Inverters

  • Inverters are user-friendly
  • Available in compact designs
  • Offers High MPPT efficiency
  • It features sound control for easy operation
  • Remote service available for easy work 
  • The inverters feature wide working voltage for prolonged production
  • Has integrated DC switch
  • Multiple layers of protection and detection
  • Natural cooling feature
  • Easy to install
  • Single to three-phase energy solutions
  • Extensive quality control on their products
  • Built-in Wi-Fi system
  • Comes along with accessories for charging and storage controlling

Usage of Growatt Inverters

The best part of Growatt inverters is these are extensively used in the residential and commercial section.  These are also reckoned as the best energy storage solution for residential properties. Inverters are available for large scale commercial sectors and utility centres. Also, these inverters are extensively used as off-grid storage inverters.

Buy Growatt Inverters from Think & Grow Renewable

We provide you with the best quality Growatt inverters. With the backup support from our local team of technical staff, we are ready to give you all the support and resolve even minor issues with a quick response time.

We have a wide range of collection of these inverters of different wattage to suit your varied needs. With the fastest turnaround time, priority response, and workmanship warranty, we have made our mark in this industry.

Our 3-Step Work Process

We Consult – Which inverter will be suitable according to your energy consumption? Feel free to discuss with our experts before purchasing

We Install – After the selection is done, our team of installers gets to work and find a suitable place on your property to install it.

We Activate – We activate the inverter to merge with the energy system of your home so that you can enjoy solar power without any difficulty.

Do you need more insights about Growatt inverters? Feel free to connect with us at 1300 723 969 and get a quote TODAY. 

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