TAKING EVERY CAUTION AGAINST Precautionary Measures for COVID-19

We know you are weary from all the coronavirus news and lockdown. New information is coming out every day with changing circumstances, making an uncertain time – especially in Melbourne. We remain cautious and as a result, vigilant. We want to protect you and ourselves, so our team is making sure we keep on top of all the preventative measures to keep you and your family (as well as ours) safe.

We have implemented all recommendations from the Australian Health Department to deliver a service that limits contact and meet ups as much as possible. And we make sure to stay updated. So that you can have the renewable energy benefits of new solar panels without putting yourself or others at risk.

During the current Precautionary Measures for COVID-19 restrictions we’re allowed to work, as well as conduct site visits where needed. But we are also using technology to limit the need for home visits. We can do a lot of business this way: over the phone, video conferencing and through digital contracts.

Precautionary Measures for COVID-19
Precautionary Measures for COVID-19

How does it work ?


We use phone calls and video conferencing to consult with you, and assist you

Digital contracts and documents to remove the need for hand over and reduce contact.



We do not come to the premise unless completely necessary.

Our staff are briefed to wash and sanitise their hands.



Our solar panel installers all wear facemasks and gloves at your property, to help ensure everyone stays safe.

Working with us

We ask that you also stay aware of the coronavirus preventive recommendations and help us keep by remembering to keep your distance. Please try to ensure you are always at least 1.5m away from our workers. Working together, we can help keep each other safe.

Why should I install a solar panel right now ?

With the stay-at-home orders in place, people are staying and working from home more than ever. This puts a massive strain on energy providers. Get off the grid, and you can reduce your energy impact and your energy bills with solar panels. Even if you are not working from home now, you might find some great cost benefits of solar panels to reduce your power bills for your business

The Australian Government has also released a Solar Energy Rebate scheme (known as Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme or SRES) to help make solar panel installation cheaper. Residences and small businesses that install renewable energy systems might be able to receive money to help with the cost of purchase.

Support our workers, while supporting your home office. Not to mention, when you invest in solar energy, you are reducing your environmental impact.

We offer both residential and commercial installations.