BYD Batteries

BYD has developed a battery storage line suitable for any application. While the modular LV and HV solutions fit any residential application, the commercial battery is suitable for big implementations. The Battery-Box Commercial is designed to be the core of your energy system. Not only pairing it with renewable resources to maximize self-consumption, but also to optimize EV charging, manage consumption peaks, or even provide grid services such as frequency regulation. The Battery-Box Commercial is the storage system that provides Commercial and Industrial (C&I) consumers with all performance they are looking for while also being easy to use and safe. For the first time, it brings to the C&I space the strengths of the Battery-Box: plug-and-play design, safe battery chemistry, and top technical performance.

Off-grid applications and emergency power capability pose no problem for the Battery-Box. The high discharge capacity allows for operation disconnected from the electrical grid. Whether the project supplies power to a remote cabin or it is used as a backup for sensitive loads, BYD has the right storage for you. The cobalt-free Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery from BYD guarantees maximum safety, life cycle, and power. The robust chemistry and universal design can work in a wide range of temperatures and areas around the world.