HUAWEI Batteries

Huawei batteries are the perfect choice to pair with any Huawei inverter. The Huawei LUNA battery stands out amongst its peers for its efficiency and optimal levels of production and power retention. If you are looking for a high-quality solar energy storage system, then it's just a fact that you should be considering Huawei. Huawei's history of excellence across a wide variety of different technological fields stands as a testament to their commitment to quality in all products they produce, and the Huawei LUNA is no exception.

Built as an adaptable and modular storage system, the Huawei LUNA has the unique benefit of being able to scale to fit your home's energy needs. Rather than needing to buy additional batteries if you wish to increase your home's energy storage capacity, all you need to do is add an additional storage block to your Huawei LUNA. With a maximum capacity of 15 kW and a minimum of 5 kW, the Huawei LUNA is well equipped to scale to whatever a home's needs may be. Add on to this the battery's 100% depth of discharge, and you can be confident that whatever system size you install, your Huawei solar battery will let you make the most of your solar energy. In addition, the Huawei FusionSolar app makes monitoring your power a breeze, making it easier than ever to take total control of your battery, and your solar energy system as a whole.