Sonnen Batteries

Since 2010, Sonnen Batteries has been at the forefront of innovative, well-engineered home energy storage systems and services. Starting in the energy village of Wildpoldsried where their German headquarters is still to this day. In 2018, Sonnen commenced manufacturing in Australia with the opening of the Elizabeth, South Australia facility. Today, Sonnen delivers one of the world's safest, longest-lasting, and highest-quality solar power storage solutions. Their innovative design uses only the safest lithium iron phosphate batteries that have proved to be a reliable and safe way of powering residential homes.

Sonnen Batteries understand the importance of working within the communities they serve. Their teams are based in Berlin, Great Britain, Italy, the USA, and Australia. These teams not only serve their local communities but also markets including Austria, Switzerland, Ireland, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Spain, France, Portugal, and New Zealand.