With an experience of over 10 years of the solar industry, Think and Grow Renewable, one of the best companies for solar panels in Australia brings the best solar panels for its customers. We partner with only the top global manufacturers to give solar panel system that is trustworthy and reliable.

Unleash the Power of the Sun with our Expert Solar Solutions!

We understand that you have a lot of options at your dispersal regarding solar panels and it is quite obvious for you to get confused. Our team of professional experts will help you choose the ideal solar panels in Australia as per your need and convenience. We make sure that you get the best return on your investment and thus we leave no stone unturned to give 100% customer satisfaction. The system recommended by our solar experts comes with several years of warranty and durability and is widely popular in the Australian market.

In addition to giving the best consultations, we also make sure that the entire installation process is done smoothly and seamlessly. Solar panels in Australia do not require any physical maintenance, but in case you need our help, we are always here for you!

Why do we think you should make the switch to solar panels today?

Let us walk you through each of the points one by one.

1. Whether you are a residential homeowner or have a commercial building, installing a solar power system gives control over your energy costs in addition to providing the environmental benefits that come with it.

2. The payback period of a solar panel system is usually three and a half years which means you will recover your solar installation investment in these couple of years. After that, you are basically enjoying free electricity from solar energy.

3. A solar power system is basically using renewable energy to generate electricity. As a result, coal-fired power plants and their harmful emissions are reduced. By switching to solar energy, we can look forward to leaving a planet for our future generation that is clean, green, and healthier.

4. Over 1.7 million homes and four million Aussies have already made the decision to become independent from the grid. That is approximately one in seven Aussie who is now more environmentally conscious as well as saving thousands of dollars on their power bills.

5. The government of Australia offers so many solar rebates and incentives for making the switch to a solar power system. For instance, Small-scale Technology Certificates (STC) pay $4,000 to your solar installer thus bringing down the cost of your investment. If they are removed under any circumstances, it will become quite expensive for you to install solar panels on your rooftop.

Solar energy holds the key to the clean energy future that humanity deserves. All activity in the world requires energy, and up until now, we have powered civilization with fossil fuels. Nevertheless, the sun provides far more energy than humanity can ever utilize, and it will continue to do so for the next several billion years. The solar energy being a green source of energy is capable of giving renewable energy for many generations to come.

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