Aleo Solar Panels

Aleo is a subsidiary of the SAS Group. 2014 marked a major step in Aleo's history, as they joined forces with Sino-American Silicon Products Ltd. As the third largest manufacturer in the world of silicon wafers, the SAS Group supplies components for the computers, phones, cameras, cars, trains, and connected devices that you use every day. Companies such as IBM, Intel, Samsung, Bosch, ABB or Sharp trust them.

Aleo wins an innovation award for brand quality. Their HE-Tec series has won no less than three prizes at the internationally renowned "Plus X Award". They are known to set new standards in the production of high-quality Solar Panels in Brisbane. For this reason, the HE-Tec series has received the prestigious and internationally renowned PLUS X Award. The jury team agreed: “For those who want to switch to solar power, the HE-Tec solar modules from Aleo solar GmbH are definitely a great recommendation.”