Commercial energy solutions require expert engineering. Our project team has connected 1,200+ systems to every network in Australia. We are capable and have experience in the following areas:

Connection Approvals

To ensure a quick approval process, our Projects team will manage every part of the connection application by utilizing their vast DNSP (Distribution Network Service Provider) experience.

Switchboard modifications

Our Projects team has an in-depth understanding of switchboard design and has a wide range of partners to undertake modifications to existing infrastructure when required. We provide high-quality, reasonably priced solutions for switchboard improvements by combining our own internal electrical experience with the best suppliers out there.

Structural Assessment and Cert.

To make sure that any building's structural integrity is suited for solar, the Projects team's preliminary investigation into the site circumstances includes structural inspections. When a roof-mounted solar system is supplied, the supporting structure and solar array mounting frame are structurally analyzed. Working with experienced structural engineers and applying our own knowledge, we can quickly secure structural approvals and, when necessary, suggest structural alterations that meet the requirements of the customer.

Energy Monitoring and Analysis

Your energy interval data can be used by our analysis team to carry out an extensive solar feasibility assessment. In order to mimic system performance based on actual historical weather, TGR uses data from your energy use and high-resolution aerial photographs. TGR will choose the right system size to reduce your return on investment. Delivering success requires maintaining a thorough awareness of our client's energy profiles. We are able to create and uphold the finest potential returns for our customers by gathering and utilizing energy data.

Geotechnical assessment

To determine the quality of the soil, a geotechnical study is necessary for all ground-mounted PV systems. To ensure that the array frame continues to meet the manufacturer's soil quality criteria, TGR works with a number of partners to evaluate the area before piling or concreting.

Underground service scanning and detection

Before beginning any civil works that involve digging, trenching, or boring, it is essential to check for subsurface services including gas, power, communications, and water lines. As part of our preparation work before construction, service scanning makes sure that the risk of damaging existing services is minimized.

Storage and backup requirements

Both in Australia and abroad, TGR has a wealth of experience with off-grid and battery backup solutions. Our engineering team creates storage systems that are customized to our clients' requirements. We create storage and backup solutions with careful engineering and analysis that offer the best energy security, dependability, and savings. We guarantee that your backup and storage are completely functional when you need them the most thanks to our proactive monitoring.

Power Factor Correction

In the solar business, PFC is not well understood. TGR works with our clients to comprehend their energy needs and how solar energy will affect the quality of their power. TGR is able to offer PFC solutions that are appropriately sized, appropriately engineered, and appropriately priced for the demands of the client because of in-depth analysis and engineering.

When you hire TGR Solar to design and build your system, you're hiring Australia's top EPC. Over the course of thousands of deployments at every DNSP, our procedures have been refined.

We make the process simple.

1. Client engagement and approvals

Throughout the detailed design phase, the engineering department works closely with the client. To get the finest results, we work together with our clients, and we get their permission on all final designs.

2. Site Assessments

An initial site assessment is necessary to comprehend the environmental and electrical site conditions. To inspect potential construction areas, and evaluate the roof, switchboards, and other necessary details for connection and council approvals, a TGR representative will be assigned to the location. Drawings provide crucial information to clients, installers, and other professionals. We use drawn documentation with industry-leading clarity using meticulous drawing methods.

Detailed system drawings:

  • SLD (Single Line Diagram)
  • String design
  • Metering and monitoring schematics
  • Grid protection design

After gathering data from a site inspection, TGR creates the intricate system drawings needed for connection permission with the pertinent DNSP (Distributed Network Service Provider) and the PV system's construction. According to the most recent CEC guidelines and pertinent Australian Standards, these designs were created by engineers who hold CEC accreditation. The designs are created with technical terminology that is nevertheless easily understood by solar installers and other subcontractors.

3. Structural Assessment

Our ability to develop high-performance, containerized BESS(Battery Energy Storage System) solutions with rapid deployment is the result of years of expertise. Any battery energy storage system(BESS) can benefit from using shipping containers as enclosures. These can be equipped before being delivered to the site, allowing for a quicker installation than typical. This BESS method of installing is the most straightforward and labour-efficient way.

4. Detailed Design

TGR engineers make decisions based on years of expertise on a range of projects to ensure the system design is as effective as possible.

Calculations for voltage rise, impedance, discrimination/grading of switchgear, thermal de-rating of equipment, evaluations of corrosion and wind loading, fault rating, anticipated short circuit current calculations, and fault ratings are a few examples of the due diligence that our engineering team will undertake.

Bespoke engineering

TGR has developed a significantly knowledgeable team in offering comprehensive solutions to complex problems. By combining the depth of expertise of our engineers with the creativity of our team and the careful execution of our contractors, we are able to provide a solution that is unique in the world.