TGR Solar offers individuals and companies in Sydney a variety of Solar Panels Sydney products and services. We take great satisfaction in helping individuals lower their energy bills and take advantage of sustainable solar power solutions as one of Sydney's leading solar firms.

Solar panel and inverter sales, solar power installations, and continuing cleaning and maintenance of existing solar systems are all part of our comprehensive service offering. Please contact us if you're seeking solar power equipment or services in the Sydney area.

Solar Panels Sydney


Photovoltaic cells capture energy from the sun and convert it into useful electricity for your house or business, and Solar Panels Sydney are the cornerstone of all solar power systems. We provide a wide range of solar panels for Sydney homes and businesses at TGR Solar.

We can meet your immediate and long-term power needs, ranging from tiny 5kW residential systems to huge 50kW and 100kW commercial systems. We can design a solar power system that is ideal for you as the leading solar panel supplier in Sydney.


TGR Solar is Australia's premier Solar Panels Sydney service provider. Our complete solar service covers the entire country, including new home and business installations, as well as maintenance and other solar panel services for existing systems.

Solar power has the potential to change your life by not only lowering your energy bills but also giving a long-term solution that is good for the environment. More and more people are discovering the benefits of solar energy and generating their electricity instead of relying on inefficient and expensive public infrastructure. TGR Solar is ready to power your lifestyle if you're seeking a dependable and cheap solar service.


We have offices across Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and the Gold Coast, at Solar Panels Sydney. We have years of experience installing and maintaining solar systems and can guarantee a rapid and simple installation regardless of your location.

Solar power installations are common in homes and businesses around Sydney, making it one of our most important markets. Our solar service company offers a variety of services under one roof, ensuring that you receive complete care suited to your unique requirements.

We offer a solid 10-year warranty on our labor and a 25-30 year performance warranty on all of our items, in addition to our significant experience. The Clean Energy Council (CEC) has recognized us, and each of our solar panel installers has the necessary certification and experience to complete the job correctly the first time.

From the initial inquiry to the installation and maintenance procedure, customer service and clear communication are essential to all we do. Please contact us today if you're looking for cost-effective solar power in Sydney.