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The ability to track the performance of your solar PV system is one of the greatest benefits of going solar as an individual. You can monitor a wide range of parameters and analyze them in real-time with several analysis and performance tools.

What amount of energy does your solar array generate right now, every day, or throughout the year?

What amount of electricity does your household consume?

What percentage of power is exported to the grid?

Is your battery bank integrated? Is the battery fully charged? Are you able to use it right now to power you're home?

You are in control of your household's energy cycles by being able to monitor them. As you can analyze, manage, and reduce your consumption, you gain more independence and can maximize your savings on your electricity bill.

Many of our solar inverters come already with integrated monitoring platforms. These are simple to use and provide a lot of great features.


An energy audit is a tool that allows us to see how our clients use their energy. A TGR Energy consultant will visit your home to install smart meters and collect usage data. We will analyze the data over the next few weeks to identify inefficiencies and suggest energy-saving strategies.

This could include upgrading to LED lighting, or installing a Solar or Hot Water System. TGR Energy can also recommend the best size and type for your particular situation.

A hybrid solar system that includes a battery bank and a solar panel may be most beneficial to you. This allows you to use electricity stored in your battery bank to power your home during peak hours when electricity is most expensive to purchase.

You may also live in an area with a generous Feed-In Tariff, where your solar system can be self-sufficient by exporting surplus energy to the grid.

Energy Audits are a part of our consulting process that helps us determine how to save our customers the most electricity consumption and their electricity bills.