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Peak demand management, also known as "peak shaving," is the process of lowering the amount of peak power used and, as a result, the amount of peak demand on the electrical grid.

Peak demand charges can account for more than 70% of the total power bill, as most large energy management users are already aware. Due to the low kWh consumption fees, this can frequently render power-saving techniques like traditional grid-connected solar photovoltaics (PV) ineffective.

Other factors that could make solar PV alone be deemed ineffective include: Peak demand can happen during or outside of daylight hours, and even then because solar performance varies depending on outside factors like cloud cover, it is impossible to guarantee savings.

The addition of a battery bank to your solar system is one alternative that your TGR management consultant may take into account at this point.

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excess solar generation

There are various approaches to achieving greater efficiency and significant cost savings, depending on each circumstance. For instance, having solar is not always required to add a battery bank to your property. In some circumstances, the batteries can be charged in the evenings using less expensive off-peak power.

In other instances, the solar energy system will be planned to power the building during the day while recharging the batteries with extra energy produced on the weekends and in the middle of the day.

The batteries will be delivered to you in a 20 or 40-foot container that has been specially made, and TGR Management will carefully integrate them into your electrical system. Some of these systems have a 6–8 year warranty and a much longer expected lifespan.

What occurs when the batteries reach the end of their lifespan?

Replacements will cost about 30% of the initial total capital cost, assuming that battery technology and pricing remain the same as they are today. But by 2020, the cost of batteries is predicted to fall by 30% to 40%, making it very affordable to replace the battery component of these systems.

Why not now?

Some people think it would be better to wait for this anticipated price drop before investing in this new technology, but doing nothing will cost you much more in the long run due to rising network and demand fees.

slaying four birds with one stone

You will have stored energy available when you need it thanks to large-scale energy storage systems. Additionally, they will meet KVAR and KVA demand while raising the Power Factor of your property, killing four birds with one stone.

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For commercial and industrial enterprises, TGR Management offers Level 1 and Level 2 energy audits in accordance with AS3598/2015 Standard.

You can evaluate how significant electricity consumption and consequently utility bills can be reduced using an energy audit. They might also be involved in our consulting process, which involves determining the best setup for our customers' circumstances.

A TGR Management consultant will install one or more smart metres on your property to gather usage information, which is a very straightforward process.

We can identify inefficiencies and custom-engineer a solar PV system that is ideal for your site and circumstance by analyzing the data over the coming weeks.

TGR only provides fully customized consultation services because every case is different.

commercial and industrial enterprises

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Did you know that different types of electricity can operate your appliances inefficiently or even prematurely fail?

The Power Quality Management Service from TGR can be useful.

The strength and uniformity of the electrical current that powers your home or place of business are the two main factors that determine the quality of electricity.

Our Power Quality Management Service, which addresses Total Harmonic Distortion and Power Factor Correction at your home or place of business, is a component of our consultation process.

Voltage optimization is another aspect of operating a business in a cost- and energy-efficient manner.

By adjusting the incoming power to precisely match that of the equipment or appliances used in your business, voltage optimization lowers power losses.

These are crucial elements for extending the lifespan of your equipment and other assets as well as lowering your electricity consumption and bills.

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Solar photovoltaic (PV) monitoring solutions are offered by TGR Management for both residential and commercial applications.

Energy management monitoring is a crucial tool for tracking the solar system's energy production and even its financial performance for owners and operators of both small- and large-scale plants. Monitoring platforms also reduce system downtime by notifying you of any issues so you can resolve them on your own or seek assistance as necessary.

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The process of recapturing and using wasted energy, such as the heat from air conditioners, is known as energy management recovery.

TGR provides a variety of options to maximize every kilojoule of energy at your site, frequently with astounding outcomes.

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