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In larger hybrid or off-grid solar installations, there can have a diesel generator included to support periods of more than normal demand or as a backup in times of severe weather.

The integrated generator is completely managed through the inverter or charger , based on the size of your system. TGR Energy typically utilizes the Selectronic SP-PRO which is the central component for your device.

It is responsible for the whole off-grid system , and it can switch off and on the generator in a timely manner when necessary.

One of the top sources for Diesel generators are Kubota which is a well-established brand which consistently produces top-quality machinery that's durable and reliable exactly what you need to power your backup generator.

Based on the size of backup you require for your off grid property or business, Kubota has the right diesel generator to meet your needs. Kubota engines are known around the world for their high performance and durability.

With a variety of generators that range from 6 kVA to 30kVA, Kubota offers a solution for nearly every use, including industrial, commercial, residential and mining.