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Know about solar-powered pumps.

Solar-powered pumps to pump water offer a flexible, alternative for diesel generators. Our clients typically utilize solar-powered pumps for irrigation of crops and community water supplies fishing, as well as agriculture.

TGR Energy can help you to make your business more efficient and reliable using solar-powered pumps to pump water.

Solar Irrigation Benefits

In these times of increasing prices for grid electricity and the declining cost of battery batteries as well as solar PV is increasing in use for consumers of rural electricity. TGR Energy's innovative off-grid solar irrigation design will allow farmers to enjoy the entire season without the need to purchase electricity from the grid. In addition, it works on every farm in the country.

With its constant sun-filled hours, Australia is the perfect spot to go solar particularly in open fields where panels are not often shaded. If you're interested in solar-powered irrigation, we can service the majority areas of Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, the Northern Territory and South Australia. Get a quote for your system today.

SOLAR Case Studies on Irrigation

Bargara Cane Farm, Bundaberg

Solar Irrigation

55 kWp Solar PV Installation

Bundaberg Wholesale Palms

Solar Irrigation and General Use

11.5 kWp Solar PV Installation

Bundaberg Wholesale Palms

Quick Case Study

TGR Energy installed 11.5 kW of Solar PV, along with the 7.5 pumps to supply water to the crops. The bigger size of the system ensures that they generate enough power enough to offset the costs.

If the client had selected an 7.5kW system that was matched to the dimensions of the pump, they'd only be able to balancing their use during the middle of the day, when the sun's energy is at its peak.

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