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First, solar panels installed under TGR Energy’s Solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) are free and guaranteed to save you money immediately.

Solar PPAs are arrangements that allow you to purchase electricity generated by solar panels from your roof rather than buying it from the power grid. We offer a 100% cash flow positive, risk-free investment that is completely tax-free by putting in place insurances and maintenance contracts. You don't have to change your power supplier to enter into a Solar PPA. It will not impact the quality of the power supply to the property.

You are allowing us to install a solar panel on your roof and then sell the energy generated by the solar.

This is possible, how? It is cheaper to generate solar energy than to purchase it from the grid.

Any additional power required to meet the excess electricity produced by the solar panels is taken from the electricity network in instances of high demand or bad weather.

Except during daylight hours, when the solar system goes dormant for a few hours each day, all electricity consumed at the premises comes from the existing energy network. Each unit of electricity can be classified as either a kWh or a kilowatt-hour.

TGR Energy uses monitoring software similar to the one currently installed by the power provider. It records the number of kWh generated from the solar panels.

Each kWh of solar electricity reduces the amount of kWh you have to buy from your current power company proportionately.


COMPANY A currently consumes an average of 200kWh per day and most of its power during the day.

COMPANY A gets billed $0.30/kWh, also known as 30c/kWh. They would then be charged $60 for the energy that they used on this day ($0.30x200kWh).

TGR Energy installed a 25kWP PV solar system on COMPANY A's property. This will provide 100kWh of electricity per day and offset COMPANY A’s energy consumption.

TGR Energy will bill the customer for 100kWh at $0.20 per kWh. The remaining 100kWh will then be supplied by the power company at 30c/kWh.

COMPANY A will be issued an invoice by the power company for $30 to cover the energy they used from the grid. TGR Energy will send them an invoice for $20, which they can use to pay $50 for solar energy.

This is a savings of $15 for COMPANY A for one day.

Imagine how it would look for a month. There are no upfront costs, and COMPANY A is now worth more than $3,000 per year.