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At Smart, we believe our clients deserve to know exactly how their solar investment is performing. Our Solar Asset Management and Servicing program provides you with the tools to understand every aspect of your system’s performance, so you can reach your energy goals with confidence.

Monitoring is Crucial for Every Energy Asset

Our in-house team provide detailed monthly reports to ensure that every system is reaching its generation targets and investment forecasts.

We install multiple points of monitoring for detailed system analysis and rapid fault resolution. These include:

Inverter Level Monitoring

Inverter monitoring comes standard from the manufacturer and is an effective form of web-based performance monitoring.

System Monitoring

System monitoring goes beyond standard inverter level monitoring to provide more detailed analysis, consumption data, an intuitive user interface and a mobile app.

In-House Monitoring

At Smart, we have a dedicated in-house team to actively monitor and audit your system performance. They provide active monitoring, system reporting and technical support.

Monthly Reporting

Our detailed monthly reports keep you abreast of your system performance, environmental savings and energy generation targets.

These reports also act as a fault log, allowing our Service Team to identify any issues and detail how they were rectified, giving you a 360-degree view of how your solar investment is performing.

Monthly Audits

We give you the tools to understand every aspect of your system’s performance.

Customers receive a monthly report outlining system performance, environmental savings and generation targets.

The monthly report acts as a fault log, allowing our Service Team to identify any issues and how they were rectified. If this has an impact on performance the customer is made aware within the report.

Our monthly report records all your your generation, environmental and system data in one place - we track your investment for you.

A detailed performance audit is completed at the end of every operating year. Actual energy generation is compared to the forecasted generation to ensure your system is meeting its goals.

The commercial photovoltaic (PV) power plant is a reliable asset for the long term.

With proper maintenance It will earn dividends for many years to come. This is why each commercial solar panel includes a complete maintenance and operation package for three years that is worth $1200 annually.

TGR Energy monitors your solar PV system remotely, ensuring the system's smooth operation throughout the day.

We guarantee minimal downtime for our systems for the highest energy efficiency and return on investment. If problems do arise we will quickly identify the problem and send some local contractors to resolve the issue.



  • The Monitoring that we use that we use located in our central control center for power plants provides precise, real-time data about system performance and output at the string level, the use of energy grid voltage and panel voltage, as well as the temperatures of inverters and the presence of faults.
  • Catch problems before they manifest.
  • In the event of a malfunction, TGR Energy is alerted via email , and we determine the cause and then fix it.
  • Performance reports for quarterly and annual periods.


  • The monitoring of PV plants using live data gathered over 10-minute intervals.
  • Access to archived data.


  • Check the voltage and current of the string at the input of the inverter.
  • A Health check and firmware update for inverters.
  • Examine the switchgear and cables.
  • Checking for hotspots with thermal imaging.
  • Module cleaning if necessary.
  • Parts replacement if needed (only includes parts covered by warranty).

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Our Energy Management Services

We offer a variety of options for reducing your expenses by providing Energy Auditing, Monitoring and Energy Recovery Services, Peak Demand Management or Demand Management, Peak Shaving, Voltage Optimization, and Power Quality Management.


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specifically designed for the monitoring of photovoltaic solar (PV) generators.