At TGR, we think that our clients should be fully informed about the performance of their solar investment. To confidently meet your energy goals, our Solar Asset Management and Servicing program give you the tools to comprehend every facet of your system's performance.

Every Energy Asset Needs to Be Monitored

To make sure that every system is meeting its generation targets and investment estimates, our internal staff produces thorough monthly reports.

We set up numerous monitoring stations to enable thorough system analysis and quick fault repair. These consist of:

Monitoring of the Inverter Level

An efficient method of web-based performance monitoring is inverter monitoring, which comes standard from the manufacturer.

System Watching

System monitoring offers more in-depth analysis, consumption statistics, an easy-to-use user interface, and a mobile app than simple inverter level monitoring.

Internal Watching

The performance of your system is actively monitored and audited by a specialized internal staff at Smart. They offer technical help, system reporting, and active monitoring.

Periodic Reporting

We keep you informed about your system performance, environmental savings, and energy generation goals with our thorough monthly reports.

These reports also serve as a defect record, enabling our Service Team to locate any problems and explain how they were fixed, providing you with a comprehensive assessment of the effectiveness of your solar investment.

Monthly Inspections

We provide you with the resources necessary to fully comprehend the operation of your system.

A monthly report detailing system performance, environmental savings, and generation goals is sent to customers.

The monthly report serves as a chronicle of faults, enabling our service team to pinpoint any problems and explain how they were fixed. The customer is informed in the report whether this affects performance.

We track your investment for you by compiling all of your energy, environmental, and system statistics into a single monthly report.

Each operating year concludes with a thorough performance audit. To make sure your system is accomplishing its objectives, actual energy generation is compared to the predicted generation.

Commercial photovoltaic (PV) power plants are a long-term reliable asset.

It will continue to provide dividends for many years to come with careful upkeep. Because of this, every commercial solar panel comes with a three-year, $1200 per year, full maintenance and operation package.

TGR keeps an eye on your solar PV system remotely to make sure it runs efficiently all day.

For maximum efficiency and return on investment, we promise that our systems will be up and running as little as possible. If issues do develop, we will swiftly locate them and send some neighborhood contractors to fix them.



  • Our central control center for power plants' monitoring system collects precise, real-time data on system output and performance at the string level, as well as on grid and panel voltage usage, inverter temperatures, and the presence of faults.
  • Prevent issues before they arise.
  • TGR gets notified through email if there is a problem, and we then look into what caused it and solve it.
  • quarterly and yearly performance summaries.

Client Access Account

  • PV plant monitoring using real-time data gathered at 10-minute intervals.
  • access to stored information.


  • Verify the string's voltage and current at the inverter's input.
  • A firmware upgrade and health check for inverters.
  • Check the cables and switchgear.
  • using thermal imaging to look for hotspots.
  • Module cleanup, if required.
  • if necessary, replacement parts (only includes parts covered by warranty).

Your problem can be solved by one of our consultants.

Energy Management Services We Provide

We provide Energy Auditing, Monitoring and Energy Recovery Services, Peak Demand Management or Demand Management, Peak Shaving, Voltage Optimization, and Power Quality Management as some of our alternatives for lowering your costs.


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