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Before signing any agreement with a contractor, make sure that you’ve done your research. Choosing the right system size that perfectly fit for your energy consumption is necessary.

We have designed a solar calculator that will help you narrow down the right amount of system size that perfectly suits your energy usage. Fill out the details below and we will help you to get an Calculate Solar Savings that you will save annually and in the period of 25 years by going solar.

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How much you'll save on your power bills.

Average Daily Production :

Potential 1st Year Savings :

Potential 25 Years Savings :

Household type

gives an indication of the percentage of the solar energy generated that you consume. This ensures a significantly more accurate solar calculation. Always ensure generation figures quoted match your region.

Your Average Bill*

The Average Bill is the amount you pay for your electricity per kWh

Price Per kWh

Select an average price per kwh you pay for your electricity. It may be different depending on your electricity provider and distributor. Write an average price to calculate how much you can save by going solar.

Your Usage Pattern

Select a time in which you use most of electricity.

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Tell us the system size you think best suitable for your property. We will calculate how much approx you can save on annually and in 25 years of period.

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