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The increasing popularity of solar inverters, Sungrow inverters became a common household name. Sungrow is a leading supplier of PV inverter systems across the globe. Being a global leader of solar inverters, Sungrow offers PV inverter systems. It also offers energy storage for residential, commercial, and utility-scale purposes. The company is one of the largest inverter manufacturers in the world. Think and Grow Renewable is a well-known and authorised supplier of these inverters in many countries of the world. We install the inverters for residential & commercial settings that have a capacity of more than 28,000 megawatts. 

Reliable inverters 

Industries and factories always need a power backup in the long run. Any delays in the work due to power cuts may mean huge losses to them. When the competition for the leading inverter suppliers was on, Sungrow made its name with reliable inverters that the owners of commercial settings can rely on. Sungrow inverters topped the rankings and gave tough competition to other inverter manufacturers in the race. It became the No. 1 supplier of solar inverters when it was about global shipments and there was no looking back. Undoubtedly, these inverters are ideal for long term bulk work requiring electricity without a break. 

Benefits of the inverters 

As a leading supplier of Sungrow inverters, we know the various benefits of these inverters. People usually face a dilemma choosing the best inverters or look for reasons to choose solar inverters. Well, we have all the reasons to convince our customers and ensure that they own an inverter that offers quality & reliability. 

  • The inverters are lightweight 
  • They are energy-efficient 
  • The inverters offer protection from low-pressure water jets and total dust ingress. 
  • Sungrow inverters are easy to install while providing ease to plug and use them. 
  • They have a transformer less design. 
  • One can easily enable them with Wi-Fi 
  • Offering user-friendly application, they allow monitoring performance 
  • They produce low noise 
  • The inverters have dual MPPT or dual Maximum Power Point Tracking 

First choice

As they are all-purpose inverters, we supply the inverters in huge volumes. The quality is beyond the expectations of our customers. The outstanding quality of the highly efficient inverters within an affordable price range is what makes these inverters a preferable choice of all. Our experts recommend Sungrow solar inverters after reviewing each of the features of the inverter in comparison to the other inverters tested for the same requirements. 

In the performance range of systems, we suggest these inverters and install them after a site visit of our customers’ home or office. They are now a preferred brand because of their excellent results. The robust design and striking features with the ability to withstand harsh conditions are what make these inverters the first choice of many. 

All-purpose inverters 

We install Sungrow solar inverters as a solar system for homes and commercial spaces. As an authorised supplier, we offer warranty support on all our products and installations.

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