The Difference Between 6.6 kw Vs 9.9kw Solar Panel System

Benefits of 9.9kW Solar Panel System

A 9.9kw Solar Panel System has the ability to reduce your electricity bills to almost $0 in a short period. This system is perfect for small businesses or large families as they offer the perfect combination of great power capability at a cost-effective price. Thus, if your consumption level is above average, a 9.9kw Solar Panel System is perfect for you!

You can choose this system if your area does not receive too much sunshine or is inclined towards cloudy weather. Also, if you use heavy electrical appliances post sunset or do not have a north-facing roof, this solar power system will help you take control of your energy usage. 


Power generated by a 9.9kW solar power system

Big Australian homes need approximately 40 kilowatt hours of electricity every day. A 9.9 kW solar panel system is more than enough to generate such a quantity of electricity and fulfill the energy requirements of people. It is important to note  that several elements determine a solar PV system’s aggregate production capacity. It includes factors such as shade, temperature, amount of sunlight received, and orientation of the solar panel. 

Approximately, Australian homes receive five hours of peak solar energy each day. It means 9.9kw Solar Panel System facing in the north direction can produce an average of 32kWh to 40kWh of electricity each day!     


What is the recommended number of solar panels for 9.9 kW?

When we talk about residential installations, 9.9kw Solar Panel System are available in various ranges of sizes starting from 300 w’s going all the way up to 400 w’s per panel. When deciding on the size of a solar power system, it is the sum total of all the panels put together to create a system size. 

For instance, in a 370w solar panel, a 28x370w panel will get you a 10.36kW solar power system. Now if you remove one panel and make it 27, you will get a 9.9kW solar power system!

It is actually quite simple!


Benefits of 6.6 kW Solar Panel System

A 6.6kW solar system is one of the most popular solar systems for residential purposes saving approximately $350 on every electricity bill. However, your real savings can be somewhere around $180 to $300 on every cycle of your power bill. Thus, you can see that it is more than enough to cover the entire power usage of your home. 

6.6kW solar panels are perfect for residential homes having an average consumption of electricity. 

In addition, they also greatly benefit businesses having small commercial spaces. With its small size, this solar system is ideal for small offices or shops that don’t require excessive energy usage. Small business enterprises and young families can initially begin with 6.6kW solar panels, and then upgrade if needed. 

Another added benefit of a 6.6kW system is that without upgrading the inverter from 5kW to 6kW, you can increase the STCs. Increasing the STCs will help you save a lot of dollars.  


Power generated by a 9.9kw Solar Panel System

The power that is generated by a solar power system is influenced by a range of factors such as:

  • Location of your house
  • The arrangement and tilt of the solar panel array
  • The availability of solar energy
  • How efficient is the performance of the inverter and the solar panel

Generally, when a 6.6 kW solar panel system is connected to a 5kW inverter, it can generate approximately 23.8kW to 27.7kW of electricity on a daily basis. This amount is enough to power most Australian houses. 


What is the recommended number of solar panels for 9.9 kW?

In most cases, solar panels have a power range of 300 watts to 400 watts. The total amount of solar panels installed on your roof is considered the cumulative size of your solar power system. For example, you will need 20 solar panels to build a 6.6kW solar system using a 330w solar panel.