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More than 1,000,000

With quite 1,000,000 energy-efficient LED lights installed, we lead the industry.

Highest safety standards

We know Your house is your sanctuary, so we only use highly qualified technicians to induce the work done.

Quality is our responsibility

Whether it's solar or energy-efficient LED’s we only use tested and high-quality products.


LED shop lights are a amazing lighting option to illuminate working areas like tabletops and work benches where proper illumination is crucial. LED lighting improves the general classy of your business.

Installing LEDS in your shop ,workplace ,business or commercial place is perhaps one amongst the most effective decisions you’ll ever make !


Compared to energy put away halogen floodlights LED Floodlights to use 90% reduced energy. LEDs don’t waste heat which allows them to conserve an outsized amount of electricity. This also means they are doing not contribute to an increase in temperatures where they're placed, making them ideal for cold storage facilities. The absence of warmth makes them a secure option because the danger of an electrical fire is reduced.

LED floodlights are made from tough materials and may withstand exposure to the weather and drastic changes in temperature.


LED Tubes reduce the upkeep costs the way that they generate light and also the way they progress through their general life and when it involves lighting performance, they outperform their traditional fluorescent counterparts.

Lighting quality of LED is more stable and reliable with no flickering after they embark and therefore the absence of mercury is additionally a giant plus and on the average they need over 20,000 hours more lifetime than fluorescent tubes.


It’s time for brand spanking new and improved panel lights for your business. Our sleek and unobtrusive appearance panel lighting is right to be used in commercial environments like office spaces.

LED panel lighting is more energy well organized than shining lighting with greater light quality, LEDs lose less energy and use less electricity. implementing LED panel lights can rescue your business up to 90% energy savings.


Our LED High Bay lighting installation meets every requirement for prime bay light appeal in warehouses.

LED high bay lights produce better light, and that they start to full brightness with no warmup time. They also cause reduced maintenance costs because of their long lifetime.if you run a warehouse or a wholesale storage you may be eligible for an LED upgrade under VEU scheme.


Energy saved is up to the energy created

Our expertise in helping businesses and households is unsurpassed making difference in people’s lives and therefore the planet, aligned with government programs to reduce carbon footprint.

Advisory and Assurance

We will audit your current energy consumption and advise an economical thanks to manage it.

Government incentives

We provide discounted energy-efficient products and services as an accredited provider.

Highest Quality products

We only offer superior quality products which don’t comprise your experience while maintaining efficiency.

Industry Experts

We have something on the ball sort of a seasoned expert who will guide you thru the method with end-to-end project management.

Assistance in upfront costs

Supplementary to government incentives we provide assistance with repayment plans on upfront investments.

Our commitment to you

Our pledge to boost our client’s energy and resource management makes us the simplest collaborator.