Why to Go solar ?

Reasons to Switch on Renewable Solar Energy

There are enormous reasons for you to switch your home and business on solar energy from other Non-Renewable Sources

  • Feel guarded against rising energy prices

 Once you install solar panel Systems on your roof, backyard or in your business premises, it will start generating free electricity through solar energy year after year. This leads to a substantial reduction in your electricity bill and give you the assurance that you are going to enjoy your all electrical appliances on reduce Power bill without bothering about increase in power tariff.

  • Government assistance

The Solar Credit System of Federal government provides thousands of dollars for purchasing and installing the solar system. The feed-in-tariff system of states will give you extra income for any excess electricity generated by you other than your own consumption.

  • High return on investment

The return on initial investment is 15 to 30% per annum for many years and the payback time of solar system is around 3 to 6 years depending on the size of system. In addition it starts your savings on electricity bills from day 1.

  • Value addition for site

With increasing power tariff, buyers of home or investor focus more towards solar power system. The energy-efficient homes are proven to be sold at premium prices than less efficient ones. The prospective buyer and investors like to go with the energy efficient system because they are going to earn and not to pay for electricity consumption.

  • Truly renewable and most sustainable

As per scientists the sun is there for us for at least 5 billion years. Power generation onsite means no dependence on electricity supply from grids. This means less coal burning, less hydropower dams, less destruction of nature and most effective reduction in carbon footprint.

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