Cost vs Benefit

Cost & Benefits of Commercial & Residential Solar Power System

The costs of installing a solar power system depends on a number of things like the type of your premises – whether commercial or residential, the physical space available to install the solar panels and the financial capacity of an individual. With a number of lease and finance options available, going for a solar power system has become a possibility for every individual in our country.

Here are a few benefits you, your home and your business will earn by investing in Think and Grow Renewable:-

  • Reduces the initial cost of investment due to solar subsidies.
  • It saves you from continuously rising electricity charges.
  • Shield for impacts of the carbon tax.
  • Cost-saving as well as revenue earning system if connected to the grid.
  • The plain and simple answer to global warming and Urban heat island.
  • It helps you to do your bit for the environment by shifting to true renewable energy sources.

What is the return on investment?
It is a ratio between net profit and the cost of investment. Return on Investment is a performance measure used to evaluate the feasibility of investment.

Cost-benefit or opportunity cost analysis is considered to evaluate the efficiency of an investment. Solar power is has scored high on both these parameters.

There is an enormous benefit in installing solar panels for your home’s and business’s power consumption. You will start seeing the saving from day one in terms of reduced electricity bills and carbon footprint.

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