A Complete Guide Of Canadian Solar Panels 2023

Are you willing to switch to solar? Looking for the best components to install on your rooftop PV system? Think and Grow has come up with the perfect solution for you!

One of the world’s largest manufacturers of solar power systems, Canadian Solar is quite popular in the Australian community. The company is known for its various innovative technologies and high-performing modules such as the dual cell HiKu, the bifacial BiKu, and the shingled HiDM.

Choosing the perfect solar power system can be quite daunting from the myriad of brands available in the market. Think and Grow partners with only the best manufacturers of solar installations in Australia. This blog will shed light on Canadian Solar and its solar power systems. 

Let us get into the details!

What exactly is Canadian Solar?

Canadian Solar is a popular and world-renowned manufacturer of Solar PV modules that delivers large-scale projects in solar installations. 

As it is quite obvious from its name, Canadian Solar is a Canadian company with its headquarters registered in Guelph, Ontario. Established in the year 2001, it has now become the fifth-largest manufacturer of solar power systems in the world. 

The company boasts its shipment of 63 GW of solar modules. The end of 2021 saw the cell production capacity of the firm to be 13.9 GW whereas the module production capacity was 23.9 GW.

Quality Of Canadian Solar Panels 

The solar power systems manufactured by this company are among the best in the market. As they use high-end technology, their PV modules are highly durable and efficient. Canadian Solar panels price are really cost-effective and promises to give you the best return on your investment. 

These are the following technologies that make Canadian Solar one of the best manufacturers in the market:

Dual Cell Technology – This gives the panel the ability to work as two parallel modules having their own individual performance. 

Using dual cell technology gives the ability of a better shade tolerance to a panel. Traditionally, if a part of a panel is shaded, the production capacity of the other parts (in the non-shaded part) will be lower.

This technology provides an optimal level of production for parts that do not receive any shade.

Multi Busbar Technology – Using this technology increases the number of pathways in which power runs along the solar cells. It helps to lessen the resistance of electricity along each pathway just like a highway where the presence of more lanes helps to reduce traffic congestion. 

Also, let us tell you about the few notable world records achieved by this company. An n-type multicrystalline P5 solar cell from Canadian Solar achieved a world-record conversion efficiency of 23.81% in March 2020. The previous record of achieving 22.8% efficiency in the year 2019 was also set by them. 

Bloomberg New Energy rated Canadian Solar as a Tier 1 solar company. In simpler terms, it means that the products of this company are extremely reliable and bankable. Canadian solar panels for sale are available on our official website. 

Where will you find Canadian Solar products?  

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