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Think and Grow Renewable is an Australian-owned solar panel and energy provider that continues to experience steady growth. Locally owned and operated, and servicing both the residential and commercial markets, we’re expanding our reach every year. We focus on customer service and quality installation, striving to always deliver our services with integrity, honesty and sincere expert advice. Our job is to make our customer’s lives easier, so we dedicate ourselves to understanding and satisfying their needs.

Our recommendations are based on a thorough understanding of the renewable energy market in Australia and the related industry accreditation. We only supply and install quality products, and we’re always looking for new ways to improve both quality and safety.

About Us

The world faces the challenges of reducing carbon footprints and carbon emissions that are harmful to the environment and is considered as one of the primary reasons for climate change. While on the other side, the world’s energy demand grows at an alarming pace. The balance of this equation lies in the increased use of renewable energy to meet residential as well as commercial power requirements. TGR has understood how important this is, established this at the core of its business model. With experience and expertise in servicing the Australian consumers, Think and Grow Renewable is forging ahead with the singular aim of making a difference in the lives of everyone through the use of renewable energy sources to meet today’s and the future power demands of our country.


We have

  • resources to satisfy our clients need
  • expertise to take care of technological advancements
  • product of highly highest efficiency and durability.


We give

  • solar panels proficient and enduringsolar panels-  proficient and enduring
  • customers generate maximum return with minimal risk.

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