1. Introduction :

Who is covered by this agreement?

1.1 These Terms of Service are between

(a) "We" or "us" refers to Think & Grow Renewable (ABN 45 617 058 858); and

(b) "You" refers to the client identified in the Quote

What is the composition of this agreement?

1.2 This Agreement Consists of:

(a) Aside from these terms and conditions,

(b) the quotation that is a part of these terms and conditions.

What is covered by this agreement?

1.3 The contract includes:

(a) the solar photovoltaic system and other items you purchased from us, collectively referred to as the "System" and detailed in the Full System Design annex to this agreement; and

(b) the System's delivery and installation at your premises. When does this contract begin and end?

When does this contract begin and end?

1.4 This Agreement will become effective if you accept our offer contained in the Quote

(a) signing the Quote and mailing it or delivering it to the address provided in the Quote;

(b) completing the Quote by signing, scanning, and emailing it to the email address provided in the Quote; or

(c) accepting the offer by phone by contacting us at the number listed in the Quote (in which case we will send you a full copy of this agreement, by post or email, within one week after your acceptance).

1.5 Nevertheless, your purchase of the System won't be considered complete until each of the aforementioned requirements has been met.

(a) You have already paid the Deposit to us; and

(b) Grid Connection Approval has been given by your electricity distributor, the business that supplies electricity to the Premises

1.6 Unless you or we terminate it sooner in line with its provisions, this agreement expires after we have finished installing and commissioning the system.

1.7 If we have supplied and installed the System, the guarantees and associated terms in clause 11 will remain in effect for the Guarantee Period beyond the termination of the Agreement. Additional guidelines

1.8 In addition to the terms of this agreement, the sale and installation of solar photovoltaic systems are governed by several laws and codes, including the Australian Consumer Law and, if we agreed to be bound by it, the CEC Solar Retailer Code of Conduct. We will abide by these laws and codes when selling you the System and installing it on the Premises. Terms in capital letters have different definitions.

1.9 Clause 16's definitions apply to capitalized terms used in this agreement

2. The System's Sale:

2.1 As long as the requirements in clause 1.5 are met, we agree to sell and you agree to buy the System under the provisions of this Agreement.

3. Payment: Making the Deposit Payment:

3.1 When you accept our offer as stated in the Quote, you must also pay us the Deposit. Remittance of the Balance

3.2 When we deliver the system to the premises, you must pay us the balance at the same time

3.3 If you have previously paid the Deposit and all other sums you owe us, the title in the System will be transferred to you upon payment of the Balance. Payment procedures

3.4 Payments under this agreement may be made using a debit card, credit card, bank check, money order, cash, or direct deposit. When a payment is required,

3.5 The day we receive your payment as cleared monies in our bank account shall be deemed the date of your payment.

4. Refunds :

4.1 If the agreement ends for any of the reasons listed below before we install the System at your premises and you have already paid us money under this agreement, we will quickly reimburse all of the money you have paid.

(a) If you decide to terminate the agreement under section 7.7 and we have not delivered and installed the System at the Premises within 4 weeks of the initial Target Date;

(b) if you reject a price increase after receiving notice from us under clause 5 and decide to terminate the contract under section 5.3; or

(c) Refusal to approve the grid connection.

(d) If any of the quoted equipment is not available and you don't want replacement equipment of comparable quality to be used,