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Standards Followed for Complaints

At Think and Grow Renewable – Complainants can expect the following specific standards:

Commitment : Think and Grow Renewable staff members will provide an efficient and fair resolution of complaints at all levels. Think and Grow Renewable acknowledges the right to complain and we encourage feedback about our services. Think and Grow Renewable has a written Complaints Policy and Qualified Staff to accompany you through the resolution procedures.

Fairness : Think and Grow Renewable complaints-handling procedures are put in place to ensure fairness for both the Complainant and any staff member who has a complaint made against them. To ensure objectivity, the investigation of a complaint will be conducted by a more senior member of staff who is not involved in the subject of the complaint. Each complaint will be addressed in an equitable and unbiased manner. The principles of natural justice will apply.

Resources :Think and Grow Renewable provides adequately equipped staff to manage complaints-handling with sufficient levels of delegated authority.

Visibility :Think and Grow Renewable provides avenues for Complainants to make complaints, including telephone access or by communicating to us via our solutions email – wecare@tgr.org.au, and where appropriate will escalate a complaint to enable resolution.

Access :Think and Grow Renewable complaints-handling process is available to the general public on request. These Procedures are flexible, free, easy to use, and in plain language.

Assistance :Staff will assist members of the public in accessing the complaints-handling process and will assist with the formulation of the complaint.

Responsiveness :Think and Grow Renewable Experts responds to complaints promptly and courteously. Complainants can expect a formal response from Think and Grow Renewable Experts within 21 working days. If additional time is required the Complainant will be informed and an investigation must be completed within 45 working days.

Data collection :Complaints are recorded and kept on file. The complaint data is collected and registered for data analysis and review.

Reviews :Think and Grow Renewable team reviews complaints and follows handling procedures as required.

Escalation :If Complainants are dissatisfied with the outcome of the complaints procedure they will be referred to the applicable industry ombudsman.

As part of our customer satisfaction obligations, Think and Grow Renewable has a comprehensive customer complaint procedure. Our customer complaint process will include all members of Think and Grow Renewable to resolve any and all issues in the quickest way possible. Upon receipt of customer issues (both written and verbal), we adhere to the following procedure in order to maintain our genuine commitment to complete customer satisfaction.

At Think and Grow Renewable , we always endeavour to provide the best products and services to our customers. However, on rare occasions, we recognise that there could be times when our customers may not be entirely satisfied. That is why we have set up this page to help manage and resolve complaints.

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