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Solar Panels Installation On Tile Roof

Want to install solar PV panels on your home to zero your need for electricity? Not sure if your roof can support the installation of solar PV panels, though? Remember that solar panels can be installed on various roof types and that most homes in Australia have tile roofs.

This blog post will discuss how to put solar panels on a tiled roof. But before that, you’ll discover that installing solar PV panels is a fantastic alternative for home modifications. Although it’s expensive to buy solar panels and install them, it will eventually pay for itself through lower energy costs.

Avoid the following things before buying panels:

Solar cells today are thinner than a sheet of paper and can produce about 5w of energy per square meter, making PV panels better and less expensive overall. In addition, they are a blessing for both emerging and developed nations due to their low manufacturing costs.

Installing solar PV panels on tiled roofs:

As was already noted, many roof types can accommodate the installation of solar panels. In Australia, tiled roofs are the most typical, and these tiles are stripped. After the stainless steel brackets are secured to the rafters, the tiles are once more placed in their original positions.

When the railing systems are mounted on the steel brackets, a clear gap is left between the roof and the PV panels. This promotes airflow between PV panels and tiles and keeps PV panels cool during the sweltering summer months.

Rails and brackets are used in solar panel mounting systems to attach the solar power systems to the roof structure.

The frame’s weight and the solar PV panels are dispersed throughout the coverage area. Despite being substantial, the solar panels are rather light in weight. A square meter of tiles, brackets, and frames weighs around 22 kg in total.

Australian roofs can support this weight range without additional bracing in non-cyclone environments. Solar energy mounting solutions come in various styles and manufacturers on the market. Contact Think and Grow Renewable to obtain the ideal solar system for your roof type.

The following considerations must be made if your roof can support PV panels:

Installing solar PV panels on tiled roofs

Is your roof structurally correct?

Because solar panels are heavy, as was previously mentioned, a larger solar power system will result in a heavier system overall. The skilled solar panel installer will assess the durability of your roof to see if it can withstand the weight of your solar panels. It is usually sufficient for solar PV panels, but occasionally you may need to strengthen it before adding solar.

What’s the angle of your roof?

Generally, roofs with an angle of between 100 and 450 are ideal for installing solar power. You can install solar power systems even if your roof is flat, but you will need to spend extra money to install tilting brackets that will hold the panels in the proper position and at the proper angle.

The direction of your roof face:

Because it provides the most sunlight during the day, a roof facing north is thought to be the greatest choice for mounting a solar system. If your roof faces east or west, that’s also fine, but if it faces south, that’s not the direction it should be facing.

Whether your roof is shaded?

Your ability to produce overall energy will be impacted if the area of your roof where you want to install solar panels is shaded. You must remove any trees or other objects blocking your roof space, if possible. Your solar installer can move your panels to improve their efficiency if it isn’t possible.

Whether your roof is tiled or colorbond?

If your roof is colorbond or metal, installing a solar system won’t cost you anything extra. However, if your roof is tiled, an additional installation fee will be required to install an additional stainless steel bracket for securely retaining the solar system.


Think and Grow Renewable employs licensed solar installers with years of solar system installation experience. To find out if your roofing material is appropriate for installing solar panels, get in touch with us if you’re looking for solar installers. We’ll try our hardest to get your solar roof installation fixed as soon as possible.